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Recent Episodes

Listen to New Episodes Each Week
Weekly episodes are portions of chapters.  The chapters covered in podcasts include:
  1. Human-animal relationships and good animal handling
  2. Animal behavior
  3. Containment for household, yard, and laboratory animals
  4. Dogs
  5. Cats
  6. Other small mammals
  7. Companion birds
  8. Reptiles
  9. Containment for ranch, farm, and stabled animals
  10. Rope, knots, and hitches
  11. Horses, donkeys, and mules
  12. Cattle
  13. Small ruminants
  14. Swine
  15. Poultry


Weekly Podcast: Better Animal Handling

Listen in once per week to the 20 minute podcast on Better Animal Handling.  Dr. Chastain explains how animals normally act, what risks handlers assume in handling animals, what risks animals are subjected to in being handled, how to properly contain animals, and techniques and equipment needed to more safely, humanely, and efficiently handle and restraint domestic animals.

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